I'm Caitlyn. 17. Have an instagram and this thing. Addicted to art and concerts.

There’s that one guy who ruined your life from the start. He’s the one that called you fat, ugly, worthless, hit and run, disgusting, nasty— he points out all your flaws when he’s angry…

So now your search engine is filled with questions on “how to lose weight”,”how to be pretty”,”how to be happy”, just hows to do this and that.

He’s the reason why you can’t love yourself anymore, because in that slight thought that you may be pretty or beautiful, he pops into your head and then a recap of all the things he said start trailing in…

He’s the reason why you’re too afraid to walk to the beach or pool or lake in a swimsuit.

He’s the reason why you think all guys are just like him-cheaters, hurtful, cruel, mean, liar, fake, etc.

But yet he wants to keep you on a leash so whenever he feels the need to want you back in his life, he can just use every little thing you’ve told him, every little secret, against you… He says he’s sorry for everything and that you mean the world to him.. For a while you believe he’s lies, because he also tells you that no one other than him is ever gonna want you.

Seeking deeper and deeper into depression and exhaustion from his torment, you feel alone and trapped…..

Yeah… Thanks Bryce for everything…. For ruining my life!

2 years ago
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